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Choose when to study abroad: Corona Virus is also a matter to think about?

If you think that because of Covid-19, everyone will postpone study in Australia, “wrong baby wrong”. Sometimes a difficulty is an opportunity for you to take advantage of. Let’s see the advantages if you apply to study in Australia during this time:

▶ ️ Australian Colleges and Universities for Vietnamese students owe their degrees and transcripts;

▶ Australia online teaching and recognition of online learning results in Vietnam during Covid-19 pandemic;

▶ ️Australia’s dollar rate dropped has never been in the Covid-19 pandemic;

▶ ️Many scholarships, low competitive rate;

▶ ️Many schools accept the entrance test, no IELTS certificate required;

▶ ️Fast processing and issuing invitation letter;

▶ ️Visa studying in Australia is considered normally during the Covid-19 pandemic

Please register your interest at: Here

And then:

▶What major do you study?

▶ ️How much does it cost?

▶ ️After studying, can you stay to work?

▶ ️What do you learn to stay and settle in?

Join a seminar with Le-Kosari International to learn about the situation as well as Australian study associations. FEE(s), COST(s), … will be answered through our seminars.

Special with:

  • Mr. Simon Schweigert – Chief Operations Officer at Institute of Health and Management Pty Ltd., Australia.
  • Mr. Stanley Viatos – Immigration lawyer from Unified Lawyers, Australia.
  • Ms. Le Huong – Managing Director for Asia Pacific region of Le-Kosari International.

EXCLUSIVE 1:1 talks with experts with years of experience.

For those who are unfinished dreams of studying in Australia in 2020, the year 2021 is the ideal time for you to restart your study abroad journey.


Date: November 14th 2020 (Sat)

Time: 9.30a.m – 11.30a.m 

Venue:Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB Bank), Thuy Khue Brach, 1st Floor, Sun Grand City, 69B Thuy Khue, Tay Ho, Hanoi.

Hotline: 1900 966 977

Phone: 096 330 1177 (Mr. Tee)