LE-KOSARI INTERNATIONAL stands as an integrated property investment company with business coverage including property development, co-development, investment, project management, as well as agency services. We are devoted to serving each and every one of our clients, guiding them to make reliable transactions in the best interest of gaining maximal returns. Our team strives to be the leading Asia-based property investment firm on a global scale.

Allow our experienced and reliable team of specialists help you select a property investment that best caters to your needs and interests. LE-KOSARI INTERNATIONAL is currently involved in a broad array of property investment projects across the globe, with projects in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.


To be the world’s local real estate investment enterprise, by fulfilling everyone’s cross border



To develop a winning network of property investors, developers and distributors, and to build lasting partnerships dedicated to consistent results.



LE-KOSARI INTERNATIONAL has cooperated with many multinational companies and corporations around the world during the development of overseas real estate projects.

Global real estate development companies and groups always choose LE-KOSARI INTERNATIONAL as their strategic partner to market their products abroad. With strategic marketing tactics and access to the vast list of advertising channels, we are able to bring our products to different cities through the application of many unique and effective platforms to expand the market not only in Asia but also across the globe.


We always assure our customers that their portfolios are always protected against risk factors. Armed with an extensive network of banks and financial providers, LE-KOSARI INTERNATIONAL mortgage brokerage service helps clients find favourable mortgage deals best suited to their financial profiles.

We also advise on the handling of relevant paperwork, in order to have a transparent and legal process of real estate sale. In addition our consultants will advise at appropriate times on investment considerations, helping clients maximize profits or diversify their invest portfolio.

The ultimate goal is to build long-term value, sustainability and development for customer assets.


We value distributor partnerships as much as we value our relations with customers. Many of our distribution partners stand as distinguished financial professionals, such as fund managers and financial planners. Due to the trust they instill in our team’s trustworthy work with clients, our distributor network has grown substantially over the past few years. In addition, we offer our partners an opportunity to generate an additional source of income and also to diversify their financial product range, which in turn satisfies their clients’ investment needs.We view our partners as our extended business arm of our organization, playing a crucial role for our growth and development. We are seeking for industry-leading partners like you to extend our business reach together.We provide extensive resources and support:

Great commission

For each property sold, you will receive a corresponding commission for yourself. Contact us for more details.

Priority access

We’ll release developments to you before they go public, so you’ll always have priority access before anyone else.

A dedicated Property Consultant

We’ll set you up with a dedicated Property Consultant to guide you through the process and help things run smoothly.

Guaranteed client exclusivity

We would never market directly to your clients. Introduce clients to our investments and retain total control of the relationship.